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A brief history of the past 5 years…


An initial group of church planters from across the U.S. met to redefine EPC church planting for the future growth of the Kingdom of God. Our Initial Team: Tom Ricks, leader (St. Louis area), Shawn Robinson (San Francisco Bay area), Tom Melton (Denver area), Mike Moses and Jack Cathy (Charlotte area), and Jim Holland (Memphis area). This endeavor included key input from our Stated Clerk, Jeff Jeremiah.

Our Mission: To cultivate a culture where church planting is embraced, encouraged, and
celebrated by all…


A first major initiative and emphasis at General Assembly: Every church a Parent, Partner or Patron—Who will join us?


At General Assembly the EPC Flywheel Fund for Church Planting was launched. The goal of the fund is to recruit 10-20 churches to become Patrons of the EPC church planting movement, providing seed funding to boost the planting of new EPC churches with a commitment of $25,000 to $50,000 annually for a five-year period.


The first annual EPC church Planter and Presbytery leader gathering in Denver for those who are “First Responders” for church planting efforts beginning in the EPC. These First Responders act as the conduits/connectors by which churches, planters and communities come together to bring people into a lifesaving relationship with Jesus Christ.


Additional Team members are added to help launch Church Planter Training Centers: Bart Garrett and Dr. David George (San Francisco Bay area), Matt Brown and Chris Hildebrand (Brooklyn)


The first EPC Church Planter assessment center is established in Brooklyn.


At General Assembly, ALL EPC churches are charged to find their unique role in this movement--to be a Parent by planting one or more new churches, a Partner joining together with other EPC churches in their area to plant churches, or a Patron by providing financial support to those starting new churches.


At General Assembly, the Church Planter Training Centers were launched in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA), Charlotte (NC), and Brooklyn (NY). The Purpose of these Training Centers is to provide non-resident training for fellows and resident training for residents in one-year and two-year intensive programs in order to prepare them for church planting.


At General Assembly, the New EPC Church Planting Website was launched

Over 25 new church plants have been started in the past 2 years.